ASP.NET MVC + AD + Windows Authentication: How to Logout

In ASP.NET MVC applications using Windows Authentication against a domain, we have two possible ways to login:

1) If the user is on a PC added to the domain,  login to the application is not needed becasue it is done automatically with the user’s credentials

2) If the user wants to use the application from a PC outside de domain, he must enter his username/password

In this second case, probably the user wants to logout after using the app. How can we do this ?

As we can’t clear our credentials using .Net code, we must “logout” using Javascript. Thus is, clear the authentication cache.

In the Header section we must add this code:Logout

And in the body section we call this function:

<a href=”../../Default.aspx” onclick=”javascript:Logout();”>[ Salir ]</a>

Notes: this code works fine on IE 6 + SP1 or higher. Otherwise, the user must close all broser’s windows in order to logout.

Hope you find this usefull…..

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